Sunday, May 22, 2011

Continuum Oblivion

ex-lI should just blow up the TV, cut the power cord, turn it into a planter, cat box or some such thing or find away to do away with my willing suspension of disbelief.
(Thank you-again- Mrs. Winter for another quirk in my personality that you helped me develop in Academy.)
(The etymology of the word Television is derived from mixed Latin and Greek origin, meaning "far sight": Greek tele (τῆλε), far, and Latin visio, sight (from video, vis- to see, or to view in the first person. Irony in itself.)
 Ironically, it’s quite evident that the gargoyle guardian of the temple(TV’s reposing place and home of the societal adjustment bureau of the NG300010indefensible and the bearer of all knowledge no matter how warped) is failing to protect me from random  full bore idiocy. And, yes I really do have a guardian gargoyle on top of my TV. Those words-Continuum Oblivion- have become like a koan-or an unimaginable mantra- without answer-- repeating over and over in my mind. Creating so many ideas and worthless thoughts without end. Yes, I realize I am only getting my just desserts according to the endless lectures I/we endured while at PUA and WWC.
Continuum Oblivion

  • Oblivion-“The act or an instance of forgetting; total forgetfulness: sought the great oblivion of sleep”.(real-loosely borrowed from Webster on line.)

  • Continuum-“ A continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division.”(perhaps real, but liberated-absconded with from Wikipedia)

  • a supposed captured wormhole housed  in an android or Daleks for use as power.-My interpretation of something in  a Doctor Who episode I watched in a moment of traumatic/dramatic overwhelming period of  boredom and or ennui that became a cycling event  that will not let go of my of brain anytime soon.

  • Well-perhaps now that’s over and stated and
    only a hum/drone in the background of  my  logical(gr) order of sense,  I can  get down to something important like what I have been doing with my weaving and other things. But, Never as much as I’d like…
    BUT,Be right back
    I did finish Chene’s portrait. I started one of the two of the DSC_0229bracelets. I am about a third done on the feather bracelet and the other is at least on the loom with the cartoon.  I stand a good chance of at least finishing…reality check-probably not, because of too many interferences in the next week. On the othDSC_0232er hand I am still here. The world hasn’t ended. I wasn’t caught up in the rapture yesterday…who knows what could the next week before the ANWG  conference!?!DSC_0233
    I really miss my friend Marge. She’s been dead for 10 months.  Pat brought over to the studio a Muri Dai that has a couple of feet of kumihimo that Marge braided. Every time I walk by the table in the downstairs studio I think about her.  Her biting sense of humour, her DSC_0234 - Copycompassion and so many other things that she shared withDSC_0235 me- her ability to accept the way things are and just deal with it. She was always so inquisitive about trying things. I really miss her. I know how fortunate I was to know her and realize that she was more then ready for her next step.
    Which in
                               away leads
                                               to these
    Rosalie Nielsen was here delivering work for a show that is going up in Corvallis. It’s a show with an interesting premise-
    “The professional artists involved in this exhibit have their roots in the DSC_0237weaving world. They have been known as both artists and teachers for many years -- disproving the old adage that Those who can-do, while those who can’t- teach. These artists definitely can,do and Teach.  In fact, in Oregon, there is a tradition of this type of co-existence.  Many of our fine-crafts artists do this.
    The Corvallis Hand weavers and Spinning Guild, who acted as curators for this show, wanted to show how this tradition is continuing by asking four well-known artist-weavers to exhibit their work and for them to choose the work of some of their students to exhibit as well.”
    The “students”(?) that are showing in my section are all professionals who have or probably will  be part of the next generation of tapestry teachers and are already influencing other weavers- Lynn Hart, Lois Hartwig, Shelley Quiner and Peter Rocci.
    26 years ago Rosalie taught a kumihimo class for the Corvallis Hand Weavers guild. There were about 20 of us in the class. 3/4’s of the class has now died of old age. The one thing that hasn’t died from the class is knowledge and influence that has been passed on from that class. It’s legacy, so to say...  Pat and I both have taught hundreds of people how to do the simple 8 stand braid that we learned in that class. I have written at least two articles in various journals on 8 strand braids. Pat teaches it to 4-H students and others. I  used to teach it  in an art camp to several hundred children at a time as they floated through the various stations in the camp.  So Many years ago!
    SHIFT-Change of mood- please!!
    I have been trying to take pictures of my not so abundant DSC_0203peonies this year. The one by the studio door that usually produces dozens of blossoms only has one blooming and two buds. The foliage is rich , abundant and extremelyDSC_0223 dynamic and luscious blue greens looking more so then most years. The deep pink peony by the door is a deep deep red. The kind of of red that is almost impossible to weave..
    DSC_0205I enjoy taking pictures, but the enjoyment is focused on the acquiring images to use in my tapestries and when I teach.DSC_0227

         Last week Spencer,  Chene and I went to Sisters, OR to look at things, take photos and just in general relax. I have been going their for mini vacations and thought breaks since I was in High school.
    DSC_0187There are several book stores that spencer and I like to browse through. DSC_0174Picked up a couple of great books. Looked in horror at a Peter Collingswood book that was priced as a rare book for over 100 dollars.  (Note- if you are looking for one download it for free at Google DSC_0192free books or the Gutenberg project.)
    I found an incredible book- Tribal rugs by Jim Opie. The pictures are great, but I cannot figure out why if they are willing to discuss every detail in these books, but not how the technique is done. I was once told that discussing and analyzing the techniques removes the work from the art world into the craft world and looses it’s  intrinsic value dollar wise, culturally and intellectual interest.  
    Yesterday, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean-Stranger Tides an okay fun movie, but with an incredible Hans Zimmer music score. I spent most of my time listening to the movie instead of seeing the movie.
    Did  recognize a famous Hawaiian waterfall that I took pictures of when when we visited Asa and Kathy. So not all of the movies was shot in the Caribbean.
    Need to end now and begin the work week. The list of to do is enlist, but most of it ends on Sunday.
    BUT, It’s all pretty much fun!
    Cheers and All,