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Friday, February 6, 2009

Beginnings 2-6-09

Okay-It’s been another week. I am documenting where I am at on my new piece(s). Not Far!
The loom is almost warped and spaced. I will be weaving a sunset on one side of the piece “So Many Chances”. The sunset will be fun because it will be taken from one of my Daughter-in- laws photos of the vog in Kona. The vog creates the most wonderful colours. I am not quite sure how healthy it is to breath, but then again the color is wonderful and so far the volcano is only spitting vapour. I use the sky pieces as colour studies. I learn a lot from them. I think on this one I will work on making clouds appear to be soft and whispery in lavenders and soft pinks.
The other tapestry” So Many Chances” is being developed from the notes and an Idea map that I did at the ATA retreat with Jane Kidd a few years ago. The retreat helped me refine and add to the Prokoff journal techniques that I have modified for developing ideas and various design problems. I was first introduced to Prokoff by one of my design teachers (Louise Klemperer) when I attended OCAC in the late 70’s. I have used and refined the Progoff technique for developing ideas and focusing ideas in my art work for years. You can see from the pictures of the cartoon in process that I am using a collage like technique that I like to design with from my snaps and drawings.
I am finally ready to attempt to weave “the piece.” Has it actually been 4 years since the retreat? WOW! But then I did turn 61 yesterday. Once I finish the cartoon! My Grandmother’s Irish filigree crochet in the borders and my other Grandmother’s string piecing and geometric designs. The technique has to be different in one direction. Should be interesting how I figure out the techniques so both directions of the border look the same, seems a little daunting to weave.
The biggest design problem is how to combine elements from both Grandmothers because they were so different in every way and define the way they both perceived chance. The tapestry is being a real problem in several ways. It seems to have a mind of its own. The amount of elements and objects in the design are becoming a little chaotic, too tight and too claustrophobic. I envisioned a plains scene with ledger book horses and or ghost dancers and falling images from the sky. Nothing wants to stay where I want it to be and it is evolving quite distance from my original idea. There is so much stuff that needs to be in the design that it’s crowding out the landscape. Perhaps it needs the claustrophobic feeling.
I was beginning to thing I had a ghost in the studio rearranging my cartoon pieces until I discovered my studio helper had discovered how to climb from the floor, to a book crate, to a chair, to my design surface. I caught him rearranging my pieces while I was taking orders on the phone. He definitely has his own idea about studio time usage. I have been teaching him to fetch his yellow felt ball. Guess Chine’ decided after the third climb that if he brought me his ball and waited where he could be found we could go play fetch. The day before today he learned a hard lesson about double sided tape by tyeing himself up and then trying to pull it off with his feet. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Chene' has so much hair between his toes-well all over- really. The yellow thing hanging from his neck is a house leash he wears in the studio so that we can catch him when he's in speed demon dog phase and has stolen something to get attention.
Until next week