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Friday, December 19, 2008

Better late then never-maybe

Once I get something scheduled, I can usually get it done. I had intended to enter things in my blog once a week. Well, It's the 19th almost two weeks later. So, I guess I really need to take the time and schedule my blog entries for a time I will remember.
Anyway, I am adding a picture of where I am at on my new piece. I restarted working on it about a week ago. I had stopped working on it so I could finish my last piece and meet a specific deadline. I am weaving this for a small monograph I am writing on small format tapestry that should be finished in June or July. I wove So Between once before at 12 epi. on a circular warp wrapped around my Hagan loom. It's a great piece, but I have never been comfortable with the end results. So after a few hours of journaling I figured out what was making me uncomfortable with the piece. It needed to be done in sewing thread at 20 epi. There were a couple of elements I wanted to change and I wanted to use a more skillful approach to the curves in the 2 metal thread swooshes and the crenellated borders. My goal is to have this piece done by the 5th of January, which means I need to hurry and put in some longer hours to meet that goal.
So Between two is being woven at half the size of my First So Between in sewing thread. It will be 14.5 inches tall and and 7.5 inches 14.5 inches tall and and 7.5 inches wide. So between-wool 12 epi


J. Austin - said...

Fascinating to see the difference between the 2 versions. I've always been tempted to reweave a few that didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. But I thought the first one was fabulous, so I'm not sure why you were not happy with it....?

Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

It's not a bad piece. It won awards. It's never not gotten in a show that it's been entered in. It's me! It sounds crazy, but I can't let go of it. Usually when I finish a piece it feels done complete satisfying, ready to be gone. I just never got the feeling I get when I know it's right in my mind for me. This sounds odd, but I always thought it should have gone with the rest of the series of sewing thread pieces. I think the real and only reason I wove it large was because I had a warp on my hagen loom that I had been using for instruction and I had never woven on a circular warp. On top of that I hate warping and will do about anything not to warp. Something that I won't do again with a large piece. It's to shifty when weaving. I really like figure 8 warps or the warps on my Shannocks. I think it's the stability. Circular warps are probably great for designs that aren't quite so precise.