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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I finished and Photographed So Between too- yesterday. I am ready to begin thinging about my new piece So many chances!

I now have time to start working and exploring my blog layout again. It always surprises me the amount of paper work, pictures, and finishing it takes when a piece is finally done.

I finally feel that this piece is out of my system and done correctly. I can now lay the design to rest. In some ways it is really different, but yet it feels like what I should have done the first time.

Joyce H. suggested on the list that I call it another one in the series. I tried that, but it still feels like an edited re-weave. Which for me is a good thing, its over with.


K Spoering said...

Kathe, this tapestry would be amazing in any size, but when I think that it's done with sewing thread at the tiny sett you use, I am totally blown away by it! Well done!
Kathy S

J. Austin - said...