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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doesn't look like much was done, but it's taken hours of tearing out and re-figuring to create the crochet pattern in tapestry. Now that I have figured out the math and soumack density it should weave more quickly. It's a crazy think I could crochet this edging faster then the time it is taking me to weave and figure out the pattern.

This afternoon I weave with Jen and Sara. Hopefully while I am teaching them I can finish or at least come close to finishing the nautilus on one of the three shaped tapestry purses I am weaving for use and samples.

Lilliana Crespi ( sent me her website so that I could look at some of her newer work. Lillian is a friend-I rarely see- who allowed me to reproduce one of her tapestries in my Shaped Tapestry book. I really liked her tapestries with the exposed warps. There are two pieces that I think are so cool. She has a bustier with eyes all over the bodice. All I could think of was turn abouts fair play! I also really liked her crocheted spider webs. For weeks I have been trying to figure out how to portray Ikotomi's web. The crocheted webs she did sent me into a whole other direction of thinking about the webs. Pretty cool.

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