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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ugly needful colour week begins

Well that was fun I just finished my blog and I managed to get my Internet server not to work and delete it, before I could post it. So I am starting over. I am just about a little less then half done with So Many Chances. I am getting ready to add the earth star-fossilized ammonites an early relative of the nautilus and a deep red/purple peony under the bio hazard symbol. I have been working with my lest favourite colours-puke and lime greens, yellows and pinkish colours. We talked about ones choice of ugly colours in my class in Durango. Everyone had a different sense for what their uglies were/are. I think that part of the reason maybe all of the reason one learns to use the uglies is that sometimes they are needed to tell a story. What would be the impact of a biological hazards symbol if it were done in baby blues and pinks. I have always loved the design with the green center. My grandmother used to put it on my moccasins and occasionally on gingham checked blouses that she made for me.

Marge's Penguin's are now finished, framed, and gifted to her Granddaughter. She has begun working on St Michael's we had to find a picture in the historical archives that showed what the church looked like in 40's. the town a round it has really changed. the church looks almost claustiphophic now pinched in between buildings and street. Marge's cartoon has trees and mountains much more visible then they are now. I think that Marge has decided she has a lot more weaving in her and is in a hurry to finish it all. She has decided to work on a second piece on a loom that fits in her purse. Her intention is to work on it where ever she is including church. It's a yellowish sand dune with magenta overtones and a lavender border. I have no idea where she found the picture. So, I will hold my breath and hope. She's trying the netting bobbin's that wee generously given to me for her by class members in Durango. They seem to snag on everything. Marge wants to continue to try and use them until she determines if it is just her old fingers or she doesn't like them. I thin I still prefer my bobbins and the techniques I can do when I manipulate the bobbins in chines' and melanges.
Well, that was fun i discovered how to post my blog before it was finished. I wonder if the hot studio is making problems with the computers again. Couldn't possibly be my fumble fingers-could it?
I now have a facebook page. I am not sure that I like it. Can one get rid of it or does it follow one around forever like a leach or attached ghost. Seems to fill up with all sorts of stuff that I wish wasn't there. I had no idea that people played games on them or just goofed off. I think I prefer my blog even more then I did. I am not sure why I need facebook after seeing the entries that have landed on my wall and the people who have wanted to become members of my page.
Guess I better go build more window sills and work on the tile in the bathroom. It's that time of day. 8 more sills to go.

Chine' working on stay. 3 months ago. His hair is now 6 inches longer.

This all for now.


K Spoering said...

Kathe, I agree with you about Facebook. I don't understand it at all. I joined so I could get photos my kids posted, and now I have all sorts of stuff to deal with. I think you can 'un-join' it, so I probably will, and try to get grandkids pictures some other way!

Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

Kathy- The Grandkids was what lulled me into joining. They all have facebook pages of thier own. Am I just getting old. What happened to meaningful dialogue with twitter and facebook? I am going to give myself a month and then probably cut the face book lose.