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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Enuff and then some!

Flying time on a tether. A new concept
in getting nowhere fast. A new toy for me.
What a concept!
Enuff!!! playing around trying to figure out how to make windows live writer work. It doesn’t work for me so I am back to producing performance art on my blog! What is-is and what will be is!

Too Little-Too Late
Too little/ Too late is ready to be cut off the loom.  It is finally finished in the last two days. It’s the second part of a triptych. The big piece. It should have been done two weeks ago, but life intervened with a wicked, wicked, wicked cold and completely stalled life. Parts of it are still revisiting me after 5 pm everyday-sore throat and cough, but at least I am functioning.
The first two parts of the 
 Hopefully I can start working on the new piece and getting the studio re- arranged the way I want it. Some progress today I bought a handheld phone that can be by the loom yesterday-very small step, but important. Tomorrow Spencer has promised to help move some furniture and rugs.
one more basket to vege in.
Maybe it was a cold maybe not. It still involved ear aches, goopy, grainy, swollen eyes, earaches, sore throat, and coughing and lots of blowing my nose. I have basically slept for 2 weeks and vegged in bed hoping for a miracle of healing. Just to be told that time generally heals colds better than anything one can do to speed it up. No other choices. Have you ever noticed that the person saying this is not the person in bed with the symptoms, but usually someone….with ponderous pretensions of knowing all?  I was going to say some snotty noised kid, but decided that might be misconstrued as a very bad pun or some such word play, brought on  by the whole situation-not really funny-just stupid. Urban dictionary:" snot nosed-1) A person that lacks experience or is ignorant of any real world knowledge."

Always one more day
  Anyway,  this is all really just too boring that everything involving me came to a complete halt. The rest of the world and time traveled on. Etc, etc, et al.

From Latin, abbreviation of et (“and”) + alii (“others”) and its forms and derivatives.Pronunciation IPA: /etˈɑl/ Abbreviation et al. 1.    And others; to complete a list, especially of people, as authors of a published work.Usage notes-Formerly, this was preferred by some over etc. for lists of people in all contexts. At present the two abbreviations are used synonymously in many contexts for completing lists.Synonyms etc.
3 weeks of growth-not good
 Okay, okay  time to quit feeling sorry for myself and get on and over it. It’s catch up time again.
Somethings think it's spring
Bee on Blooming Rosemary
As I have looked at the finished piece yesterday and today, it’s been interesting experience trying to duplicate a sunset that is dirty and polluted. Usually I am going for vibrant colours like the 2 Konas that were just juried into the  ATA Passages 2 exhibit.  In the end I greyed the colour out and used fairly opposite chene to muddy the colour. The next question was shine or sheen vs. dull. When dealing with rayon’s and embroidery floss there is a great deal of drama or lack of drama that can be controlled by manipulating sheen, shine and lack of or dullness.   In the process it seems to have greyed down the intense yellows and oranges in the sun just being near them. BUT, greys are always  vampires when it comes to colour. 
Rosemary messing with levels
I have been having a great time playing with my Camera. Lynn Harts article on Photography on the ATA page is one of the best articles  and explanations that I have read in years. I have been having playing with my camera-lights, darks, value changes etc.  Taking pictures in the almost dark for different effects of texture. 
Rosemary the other end of levels
 I am really nuts about the symbol of bio hazards. I like their shape. They look like a stylized flower. A thing of beauty with deadly often everlasting effects.  
For some reason I had problems with the puzzle grid. I started with 5 and ended with 7 an appropriate magic number-coincidental loss of place or…(?) LOL
Night light rabbit band
by invitation only
Another thing, The black oily water and the bloody rusty red that was so important became more of a harkening back to the 7 plagues in Revelation 16:3. Not that I believe in Revelations, but there was a time when I could recite word for word the book of Revelations, Daniel, Isaiah and a few other books-it was great for getting extra credit in my religion classes and Path finder badges.  I had this quotation running through my head and it took me forever to remember where it was from  I was focusing on the pictures of the gulf and kept cycling words like a mantra-over and over. Talk about child hood indoctrination. I was beginning to feel like Shaw in the Manchurian Candidate.
 Chene has gotten so lazy in the last two weeks he doesn’t want to get off the bed or the chair I am on. He’s decided he likes being lazy. He was really upset when he had to go down by the river in the rain for his session with the trainer.  I was off the hook and taking photographs of the hand signals which I can never remember Which Mike the dog trainer pointed out I should have used my IPOD Video thingy. Hand signals are a series of movements not static-Duh on my part!!! I took 30 million pictures when a video stream would have been quicker and less work. Of course, I hadn’t worked out with Chene so neither of us did as well as we should have in all of that time. Well, Chene did great with the trainer just not with me.  It won’t be long until he can function on command without a lead. 
guarding the blankie
daffies at night-note moss at side on door matt
Today he keeps anticipating and trying to chase geese in the sky and waiting for the attack of the killer geese in the sky. He’s basically played dead dog, been carried out doors, and chased the cats off of the bed and the window sill for two weeks. He’s been crawling under his blankie when he sees his leash.  Not one of Spencer’s favourite things to dig him out so he can go outdoors in the morning and evening.
Frog Prince still waiting!
     I think I read everything in the house and some things twice. Spencer had to keep going to book stores and kept bringing me books I had already read. In desperation he purchased a kindle for me. I have maintained for years that I would never use one. One of my favourite Star Trek scenes is Captain Kirk explaining why he prefers books to computers in Star Trek 4.  So, yes, I am doing a complete about face and it hurts to think what a hypocrite and pragmatist I can be. What happened to all my Luddite thought patterns. I seem to be turning into a fair weather Luddite. Well,  so much for that and enough sniveling--Romance vs. availability, practicality, lack of reading material, boredom, etc vs. instant availability. I sold out to the dark side.  It’s no longer all about the feel, smell and the experience of turning the pages. I have now read 5 books on kindle. Books that I have been looking for forever downloaded in less than 2 minutes.  I am complete sold on my kindle. Granted several of the books I have read in the last week are too embarrassing to mention the titles, but 2 were not-again books that I had really wanted to read and had not been able to find. Google Genesis and a kindle are incredible.  It’s so easy on my hands. I’ can actually use it with one hand while using my iPod/iPhone with the other hand. 
I am hopelessly hooked.
ALmost 3 feet of viking knitting
one of those things when you can't thing
of something better to do!
    As a good dead friend- Pat Poggi  once said turn lemons into lemonade and if that doesn’t work stick them in your bra where they can do some good.
Once upon a time I did silk bowls. Unearthed
from studio detritus removal site to be moved
to a new location and there re- entombed.
And now what. No longer
needed or wanted, but to
good to throw out.
So now what?
    Since I have been drug screaming into the nether world- I have spent hours thinking this might be away for a small publishing concern such as FFP to be able to produce more books with less long term waiting for the horrendous amount of books we need to buy at a time to sale in order to make a profit. Or is it like a dream and it will all turn into pet rocks and chia pets leaving one out on the proverbial limb without a paddle and up the creek with or without a saw...or a canoe.  That’s not quite right, but I know what I mean.  Publishing one book in a small niche market can tie up working capital for years. The surprising part is that people are willing to buy books on kindle in black and white-only and don’t feel the need for a hard copy or colour. BW and is great for the niche market FFP wants to fill for the most part.  The kindle can easily be placed by a loom while one works or downloaded into another computer and printed out for hard copy. The search functions are pretty incredible and the thought process leading there far reaching.
Thyme at night!
            It’s a beautiful day, but tax season. Spencer’s working and I want to get out in the sun and do something.  Tomorrow is his day off. The big question- will the blue sky stay around until tomorrow or…?  

Chene's Portrait that I am thinking
about weaving. Great Drama. BAck to studying
Goya's cats for creating hachures and hatches.
Mystery shot. Found it filed under Alaska, but I don't think so. I am thinking about doing this as a sky study into greys whites and blues. A couple weeks ago someone asked me if I had ever done a tapestry of a dog. Well I am thinking it's time to do one of Chene. SO I have picked out the most dramatic shot and one that fits his personality when he's not pretending to be a clown.

Guess that's all for now. I am done. even if I am a week late from the 15th which is one of my new resolutions. busted the first month out. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the year. Asi es la vida...

If the cats are turned sideways all the shading and hair are hatches, hachures and ecentric hatches.


Merna said...

So sorry you were ill, Kathe, but what a great blog post!

I enthusiastically encourage FFP to publish ebooks -- imagine having access to Tapestry 101 and other source material with one all the time, no matter where one is. Go for it!

lyn said...

Wow, Kathe, thanks for the kudos on my e-article! Since you are the queen of instructional explanatory prose, I consider it a great compliment.

Now quit doing the P word (procrastination) & get to weaving!