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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer time and the living is great2-maybe if I can just get things to work!!

So what happens when you want your lines to fall between 2 warps?-

weft twinning

A few of the very small dark turquoise lines in the feathers are weft twining. The first diagram is twining along a fell line. So Twining can have the same categories as soumacktwining-fell-line-copy_thumb1_thumb_twinning-over-weft-passses-copy_thum-structural twining And vertical twining over passes. Most of the same rules and conditions apply to weft twining as apply to soumack. Where Soumack is always controlled by a warp, twining is always between the warps.Twining has a few super powers that you can’t do with soumack.


It can be two colour. Makes great dots and lines depending on how many passes you fly over between twist. It can also be used for creating cool textures and cool herringbone patteDSC_0083_thumb1_thumb_thumbrns in conjunction with tapestry. It’s texture like soumack is controlled by the size of the weft bundle or twiner.

There is a form of tapestry and twining done by Bedouin weavers called sahah’s which is a twined flat woven Bedouin tapestry. If I remember right I first read about it in a book called the Hand of the Weaver by…I need to find the book again, but it is definitely described in Joy Totah Hilden’s book on Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and it’s neighbors. The twining can have extremely elaborate patterning that works well with tapestry technique and twining patterns-both structural and floating types.The schematic drawings are from My book Lines in Tapestry and were done by Pat Spark.

New favourite tool


Okay, Okay there is nothing new about brassy bob’s. This is a box of 5.5 brassy bobs that I love. They look like little sardines. BUT, I have a new favourite. It’s a 4 inch brassy bob that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I have never used to hold thread. I use it as a tool for moving sobrassy-bob_thumb6_thumb_thumbumack and twining around when I am working. It’s like have a 6th finger that doesn’t get hangnails and the finger nail never wears or breaks. The other tools are a 5.5 inch brassy bob and a 5.5 Swedish bobbin that I do, but weft on.

Time to get on with life.

Need to Find Chene. He seems to have gone into hiding. Sara is shredding today and he doesn’t like the sound.DSC_0073_thumb5_thumb_thumb

The world is full of surprises! Who would have guessed that purple potatoes have purple blooms instead of the normal White. Or that a dog thatDSC_0020_thumb_thumb_thumb stayed calm during fireworks and explosions across the street of a van would panic at the sound of a paper shredder and hide.


Enough for now! Have to go save the Chene from the dastardly stationery paper shredder that won’t run away from him.



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